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ALL NEW GLO-TECH PATENTED LED Compact LED to Fit Small enclosures.

400%+ True White 6000k.


12 Month Warranty.

12-24 VDC


ZENCORE 2.0 Elite LED 110W 20,000LM is the ultimate choice for automotive LED lighting achieving up to 400% improvement from conventional halogen setup. With 110W and 20,000LM of power, it produces a bright and clear light, ensuring optimal visibility. Its advanced cooling system keeps it running cool and efficiently even after long hours of usage. ZENCORE 2.0 Elite LED is also highly durable, making it a great long-term investment. With its combination of power, performance and longevity, ZENCORE 2.0 Elite LED is sure to be the perfect fit for any automotive lighting needs.

ZENCORE 2.0 Elite LED 110W 20,000LM

Sales Tax Included
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